At Goshen Coach, durability goes hand in hand with quality.

Our attention to detail, award-winning quality, and expertly engineered design ensures each bus is ready for the road ahead. And with more than 35,000 vehicles on the road, you will be confident that your vehicle was built for 24/7 reliability.


8-14 Passengers
The Pacer II the perfect alternative to a passenger van, at 84" wide and accommodating up to 14 people and a rear luggage room. Choose from customizable options including all LED lighting, fiberglass running boards, stainless steel wheel inserts, AM/FM/CD deluxe radio and backup alarm.

  • Non CDL shuttle bus
  • 84" width, wide aisle, 6' headroom
  • Excellent turning radius and maneuverability
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8-28 Passengers
Our Impulse is designed with style, a spacious interior, flat exterior walls and a stylized front cap. The Impulse can accommodate up to 28 passengers, or 25 with dedicated rear luggage, all while maintaining an economic advantage.

  • Flat exterior side walls
  • 91" width for double seating on both sides of aisle
  • Designed with style, spacious interior
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14-33 Passengers
Designed for quality and built for durability, the G-Force is a wide body model, built on a reliable F-450 or F-550 chassis but with a turning radius comparable to the E-series chassis. This model provides passengers with wide aisles, excellent headroom, flexible wheelchair options and ample space for luggage.

  • Comparable turning radius to the E-Series chassis
  • ADA packages available
  • Available on Ford F-450 or F-550 chassis
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